Inside the entertainment industry, there are a lot of people you may be mistaken of, judged, and misinterpreted, but the fact that they are working in the entertainment industry, it’s their job to do things that are very unusual in the eyes of public because that’s the art they are using to grab the attention of everybody for the sake of pure entertainment. Now, you will be able to know more about drags, the drag queens as they say, and understand their profession fully rather than to conform yourself from the judgment of everybody.


Drag Communities are all consisting of gays

This information is a myth because not all drag entertainers are gay, there are a little portion of these entertainers who are straight men. If you think of it, drags are using just heavy and exaggerated make up. Hair extensions and wigs just to make it into the scene, and that simply means that only gays have the right to do such a thing for entertainment. This may be a shocking fact, but drag is just a form of art which has no exception when it comes to genre, this is never a lifestyle of anyone else involved in drag entertainment.

Drag Entertainers are trying hard to be women

This is nothing but a false information. Not until you got to know the drag entertainers themselves. Again, thisis just a form of art anyone has the right to do, to earn money out of it and be passionate about it. There is a fact that most drags may be transgender, yet you cannot just stereotype all of them because the majority may just be doing their jobs as a professional entertainers, with passion and creativity.

Money is all about being a drag entertainer

This is such an insulting judgment to the drag entertainers. It is a fact that they could earn their living with this kind of job, but somehow, the majority of them even may spend their own money just to do their passion. Just like cosplayers, they invest, they really buy costumes, accessories and makeup for themselves, doing this for the sake of art and with no other motive. Doing the drag is such a happy thing both to the public and to the drag entertainers themselves. Anyways, they are doing things with legalities, they earn money with hard work and you can never just tell anything against them right away. They are as good as Canberra strippers if you live in Canberra.


Anyone is qualified to be one

You might think that being a drag performer is just a piece of cake yet this is such an art that not anyone has a factor of qualifying for. You must never be dull, boring and out of words, you must always be capable of dragging the attention of the audiences for their entertainment and not anyone have the guts, not anyone have that charisma of doing so.

These are the corrected myths to facts information regarding with drag performers. These are people with talent and integrity for you to respect.