Sexual revolutions of the 1960s and 70s, feminism and other factors have all contributed to the fact that talking about sex and about toys is not considered a taboo, and that more and more people use them nowadays. Different age groups, nationalities, gay people, lesbians, couples…they are all customers of this huge market, and there is no stigma anymore when entering a sex shop and coming out with a small bag. Movies and popular culture have also largely contributed to the liberalization of mindsets all over the world.

But, what exactly are sex toys?

640x480xsex_shop_640_974.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7waIpbtcDuDifferent experts give different definitions when asked about this topic, but most of them agree that adult toys include any objects or devices which can be used in providing or enhancing sexual pleasure. Those object or devices come in all shapes and sizes, and new ones are being invented as we speak. Human race definitely has great affection for sex and intercourse of that nature and the impulse for experimenting is equally strong, so it should not come as surprise that more and more adult toys are being produced.

If we want to look back in time and try to find the origins of this behavior we would probably end up in the company of the first two people ever, since most experts say that the need for stimulation is as old as the humans are. However, the oldest artifacts that were found come from Paleolithic era, which makes them about 30.000 years old. Also, slightly younger examples were found in the territory of ancient Greece, where dildos were called olisbos and were even mentioned in famous plays of Aristophanes and Herodas. Other ancient civilizations also indulged in sexual experimenting and several kinds of toys have been found all over the world, predominantly China, Persia, India and Egypt.

200377769-001Most popular adult toys today are vibrators, dildos, but plugs, penis rings, lubrications, etc. They all have different versions and models, and can be made out of various materials. For example, dildos were originally produced only from natural materials (wood, stone, bones, vegetables) and today’s materials are mostly glass or silicone.

Toys were originally used to treat “hysteria” – a fictional disease that attacked women causing them to have headaches, anger issues or depression if they do not get regular dose of the “man-medicine” on time. This chauvinistic attitude is dispersed and nowadays women use more and more products and enjoy sex more and more, with 60% of them in America owning a sex toy at the moment.

Industry of sex toys is enormous, and the rise that is expected is also very astonishing: over $15 billion are spent yearly on adult toys and in the next 10 years sales will reach the level of smartphones. The global Pleasure Town is constantly on the look out for new and exciting things, but vibrators still lead the sale with the most popular being “the rabbit” vibrator. However, the latest craze about BDSM and “Fifty Shades of Grey” caused instant and huge rise in sales of S&M equipment, with the sales of ben-wa balls skyrocketing by 350%.

Adult toys are everywhere around us, and if you are not using one of them already then better get used to having them around…because it looks like they are here to stay.